Equipment information

Tektronix 7D20 Oscilloscope
Model 7D20
Date 1985
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
Description Programmable Digitizer Plugin
                                    7D20 FEATURES

The 7D20 Programmable Digitizer is designed to enhance
the capabilities of 7000-series oscilloscope mainframes.
Multiple waveform storage, crt readout, two cursors for
point-to-point measurements, pre- and post-trigger
viewing, store and recall of up to six front-panel
settings, and signal averaging to reduce noise are
just a few of the features this three-wide plug-in
unit provides.
Waveform storage using digital memory eliminates the
need for a storage crt, and allows viewing information
that occurred prior to a triggering event Six waveforms
can be stored and displayed at the same time for easy
A complete alphanumerical display of cursor waveform
information and measurement values, time base and
amplitude settings, trigger position, displayed waveform
number, prompts and error messages, and a master menu
that allows you to choose seldom used features easily
and quickly.
The master menu offers a convenient way to enable special
functions such as the STORE and RECALL of front-panel
settings as well as allowing you to branch-out to
other menus. The test menu is designed to assist in
troubleshooting the 7D20 in the event of a failure.
The SELF TEST may be implemented at any time to ensure
user confidence. The other selections allow service
personnel to diagnose faults to the component level.

Complete control of the 7D20's functions may be controlled
via the IEEE-488 interface. Commands, waveforms, and
alphanumeric text messages may be sent or received via
the front-panel port.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 394
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Manual-ID/Number 070-3858-01
Date July 1985
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