Equipment information

Brookdeal 401A Amplifier
Model 401A
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
Description Lock-in Amplifier
                                    The Brookdeal type 401A is a compact high performance
lock-in amplifier capable of recovering signals up to
lOOdB below the noise level. Its design includes automatic
circuitry which enables it to measure such signals without
unnecessary setting-up procedures and also ensures continued
correct operation during long period experiments.
The 401A has an input dynamic range of lOOdB (10 voltage
ratio), a low-noise input with lµV full-scale sensitivity
and wideband operation from 1Hz to 50kHz. Reference
channel facilities include a calibrated phase shifter
with 90° and 180° pushbuttons and special input circuitry
to reduce the effects of ground loops. Alternative
plug-in power packs are available for differing requirements.

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