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Astatic T-UG8-D104 Microphone
Model T-UG8-D104
Category: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Group Microphone
Description Transistorized Desk Stand & D-104 Micro
                                    The T-UG8-D104 is a combination of the original super
talk-power D-104 microphone with the transistorized
version of the rugged and versatile UG-8 Stand (T-UG8).
The result is an ideal base station microphone for CB,
Amateur or other communications applications. Its relatively
low impedance output can be fed into any communication
receiver or transmitter. The tailored response and high
gain ensures excellent talk-power and intelligibility--and
full modulation.

The T-UG8 Stand has a built-in two stage silicon transistor
amplifier having high impedance input. The output
impedance is suitable for the inputs of all commercial
transmitters or transceivers. The high gain available
ensures desired modulation capability. The gain can
be readily adjusted for the desired modulation. The
control is recessed to avoid accidental changes.
The unique Astatic "Plug-In" microphone design permits
the use of any one of a series of available compatible
model microphones.

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