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Ameritron AL-84 Amplifier
Model AL-84
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
Description Linear Amplifier
                                    The AMERITRON AL-84 is a grounded grid class AB linear
power amplifier that operates on 1.8 through 22 MHz.
Four inexpensive 6MJ6 beam tetrodes are driven through
an impedance compensating and power swamping network
that eliminates instabilities common to parallel tube
amplifiers while providing a low SWR to the exciter
throughout the frequency range of the amplifier.

The pi-network output exceeds FCC harmonic specifications
and provides full tuning coverage of all amateur,
MARS and international frequencies below 22 MHz.

An illuminated meter reads plate current and voltage.
Twelve volts is available to operate external lights
or other low current (200 ma or less) loads.

The AL-84 will deliver a minimum of 400 watts of RF
output power with 100 watts of drive.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Ameritron -- AL-84 -- User Manual
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