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Tektronix TDS2000 Series Oscilloscope
Model TDS2000 Series
Category Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
Description Digital Storage Oscilloscope
                                    The TDS1000 Series and TDS2000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance, unmatched ease-of-use and affordability in an ultra lightweight, portable package. Affordable Digital Precision With up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum sample rate, no other color digital storage oscilloscope offers as much bandwidth and sample rate for the price. The TDS1000 and TDS2000 Series oscilloscopes provide accurate real-time acquisition up to their full band- width, advanced triggers to isolate signals of interest and 11 standard automatic measurements on all models. Their Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) math function allows the user to analyze, characterize, and troubleshoot circuits by viewing frequency and signal strength (standard on all models).

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 346
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Programmer Manual

This document supports:
- TPS2000 Series instruments, any version.
- TDS1000B and TDS2000B Series instruments,
any version.
- TDS2CM or TDS2CMA, any version, when
used in TDS1000 or TDS2000 Series instruments,
any version.
- TDS2MEM any version, when used in most
TDS1000 or TDS2000 Series instruments (except
TDS1001 and TDS2004 models), any version.
- TDS2CM, TDS2CMA, or TDS2MM any
version, when used in a TDS224 instrument, any
- TDS2CM or TDS2CMA version CMV:v1.04
and above, or TDS2MM any version, when used
in TDS210 and TDS220 instruments with
FV:v1.09 and above.

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Pages 206
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