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Chicago Transformer
Date 1953
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Date 01 January 1953
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Transformers and Filter Reactors

The standard chicago Transformers and Reactors you choose
from this catalog are backed by more than two decades of
engineering and manufacturing experience in supplying
original transformer units to America’s leading
manufacturers of radio and electronic equipment.

chicago offers the only complete line of Hermetically-Sealed
transformers and filter reactors available for quick
shipment from stock. These units meet all requirements of
Grade 1, MIL-T-27 for Class A operation.

The New Equipment line includes power transformers exactly
suited to specific requirements—one range of ratings
expressly designed for capacitor input, another for reactor
input; audio transformers in three ranges—full frequency,
public address and communications; plate transformers,
matching reactors and other units for amateur and commercial

chicago Television Replacement Transformers are exact
duplicates of the units CHICAGO has been building
continuously for leading TV set manufacturers. The CT
General Replacement line provides servicemen with a wide
range of standard ratings that fit the most frequent
replacement requirements. chicago replacement units are
listed in Sams’ Photofact Folders. For your chicago
Transformer needs, see your radio parts distributor.

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Date 01 January 1958
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Transformers and Filter Reactors




CHICAGO hermetically-sealed transformers are designed and
built in accordance with MIL-T-27A Grade 4, specifications
for Class R operation. Other units are listed for Class S
operation. All units fully meet the rigid requirements for
guided missile, military airborne and ground communications
equipment, marine equipment, and in any field where a
maximum of sealing quality construction is important. They
are especially useful in research and development
applications, pilot runs, and pre-production models.

To indicate the construction characteristics of this CHICAGO
transformer line, the MIL-T-27A specifications require that
the transformers be:

1. Temperature and Immersion cycled for 5 complete test
cycles of five steps each in temperatures varying from (Plus
85°C. for Class R; Plus 108°C. for Class S) to minus 55°C.
including a 25°C. saturated salt water immersion step.

2. Moisture resistance tested in temperatures varying from
plus 65°C. to minus 10°C. at 90-95% relative humidity for
ten 24 hour cycles extending over a ten day period.

3. Tested for insulation resistance in excess of 1000
megohms after being subjected to tests 1 and 2.

4. Tested on each winding at twice the rated A-C voltage and

5. Operated for 48 hours with 12% overload at rated ambient
temperature with no resultant damage either electrically or

6. Subjected to severe vibration tests on a shake table for
a period of 2 hours in each of three perpendicular planes.

7. Subjected to 10 impact shocks of 50 gravitational units
acceleration in each of 3 mutually perpendicular planes.

8. Capable of operation in 65°C. ambient temperature with a
temperature rise not exceeding 40°C. except that the special
Class S units can operate in an 85°C. ambient with a
temperature rise not exceeding 45°C.

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