Equipment information

Epson LX-800 Printer
Model LX-800
Date 1987
Category: Computer equipment
Group Printer
Description serial dot impact printer
                                    The LX-800 is a multifunctional and high speed serial dot
impact printer with a compact body and the low price.
Features include: ● 180 cps maximum speed (draft-elite), 150
cps (draft-pica) ● Upward compatibility with the LX-86 ●
Built in two NLQ fonts (Roman and Saris-serif) ● Direct
selection of NLQ/Draft modes, and easy selection of 4
typestyle modes with SelecType controls ● Built in IBM
graphics characters ● Super/Subscript, Italics, and Elite
modes can be supported in NLQ ● Automatic sheet loading
function ● A 3K-byte input buffer for improved throughput
from the host computer ● Pull tractor feeding ● Optional
interface for the EPSON #81 XX series

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Epson -- LX-800 -- Service and User Manual
File name Epson-7999-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type Service and User Manual
Pages 142
Size 2.52 Mbytes (2641740 Bytes)
Language english
Date 01 January 1987
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 ce9dccd5d37c1efe0c57e8361507096f
Downloads 67 since 01 September 2016
This manual describes functions, theory of electrical and
mechanical opera- tions, maintenance, and repair of the
LX-800. The instructions and procedures included in this
document are intended for the experienced repair technician,
who should pay attention to the precautions on the preceding
page. The chapters are organized as follows: Chapter 1 —
Provides a general product overview, lists specifications,
and illustrates the main components of the printer Chapter 2
— Describes the theory of printer operation Chapter 3 —
Discusses the options Chapter 4 — Includes a step-by-step
guide for product disassembly, assem- bly, and adjustment
Chapter 5 — Provides Epson-approved techniques for
troubleshooting Chapter 6 — Describes preventive maintenance
techniques and lists lubri- cants and adhesives required to
service the equipment
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