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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 435 Oscilloscope
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Model 435
Date 1964
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
Description DG Wideband Oscilloscope
                                    PHYSICAL & ELECTRICAL FEATURES
a. Half the weight, a third the size of conventional 5-inch
CRT Oscilloscopes — truly portable for color tv service on
b. Weight and size reduction achieved without loss in
performance or serviceability. Much sharper trace than in
conventional 5-inch CRT 'scopes, plus flat CRT face for full
utilization of screen area, offsets reduced screen size to
give equal or better resolution. Professional calibre
interior packaging of components demonstrates the
possibility of compactness without crowding or loss of
access to any component.
c. DC to 4. 5Mc response (+1, -3db) of vertical amplifier
needed for color and black-and- white tv servicing.
Push-pull amplification throughout minimizes distortion.
Direct-coupled design eliminates low-frequency phase shift
or response fall-off, and also provides zero reference to
permit true voltage readings at any point on waveform.
d. Zener-diode controlled voltage calibration source, with
output voltage adjustment potentiometer, provides a precise
and unvarying 200mv p-p square wave calibration voltage at
line frequency for dc or ac voltage measurement.
e. Trace is extremely sharp and bright, and is free of
"blooming"· Accelerating potential is 1600 volts. Mu-metal
neck shield minimizes effect of external fields.
f. Distortionless V & H trace expansion, and drift-free V &
H positioning, up to many times screen diameter.
g. Automatic sync limiter and amplifier eliminates sync
voltage adjustment.
h. Full retrace blanking.
i. Edge-lit calibration grid on green filter screen, with
illumination level controlled by potentiometer at rear.
a. Four-position, frequency-compensated vertical input
decade attenuator, plus a calibration position at which the
calibration voltage described in 1-ld is fed in by-passing
the decade attenuator. Concentric vertical gain control is
effective in all positions including the calibration
position. Slide switch selects either direct-coupling (dc)
or capacitive-coupling (ac). DC balance control can be
adjusted with a screwdriver through a hole on the left side
of the cabinet.
b. Horizontal sync/input selector permits selection of (+)
or (-) internal, external, and line frequency sync of the
internal sweep, or either external or line frequency input
to the horizontal amplifier. Concentric horizontal gain control.
c. Sweep range selection from 10 cps to lOOkc in four
overlapping ranges, plus pre-set TV-V and TV-H sweep
positions (30 cps and 7875 cps). Concentric sweep vernier.
d. Vertical positioning, horizontal positioning, intensity
and focus controls on panel. Astigmatism control can be
adjusted with a screwdriver through a hole on the left side
of the cabinet.
e. Sawtooth (sweep) output on panel; intensity modulation
input at rear.

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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 435 -- Service and User Manual
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Date 1964
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