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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 706 Oscillator
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Model 706
Date 1960
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscillator
                                    The Model 706 Code Practice Oscillator is a valuable aid in
the study and practice of Morse code, so important to novice
radio amateurs. Boy Scouts, and others interested in radio
communication. As a kit, there is additional value in the
skill and knowledge developed in the construction, and it
offers the novice a chance to become acquainted with
transistor circuitry.
The Model 706 is basically a battery-operated transistor
audio oscillator, tunable overthe range from 500 to 2000
cycles by the pitch control on the panel. An efficient
loudspeaker is built in. If desired, a headset may be
plugged into the phone jack on the panel, which
automatically cuts out the loudspeaker.
A convenient flashing light on the panel can also be used
for signaling after dark, when the flashing light can be
seen for great distances. A panel switch selects tone alone,
light alone, or both tone and light.
External key terminals are provided on the front panel. A
formed metal spring and a ^6 solder lug are included to
serve as a temporary key if a real key is not immediately
The Model 706 surpasses other units in offering a pitch
control, a phone jack, an outstandingly efficient 3"
speaker, and a life-time deep-etched satin aluminum panel.
Furthermore, its ruggedness and simplicity assure many years
of trouble-free service.

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