Equipment information

Fluke 3330B Calibrator
Model 3330B
Date 1975
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Calibrator
Description programmable constant voltage/ CONSTANT CURRENT
                                    1 -2. The Model 3330B Programmable Constant Current-
Constant Voltage Calibrator is a dc calibration instrument
which produces output currents from 0 to 111,11110 milli-
amperes and output voltages from Oto 1111.1110 volts dc.
Output current selection is provided in three ranges and is
accurate to within 0.006% of the selected range. Output
voltage selection is also available in three ranges with
accuracies as stated in paragraph 1*6. Over current and
voltage protection features are also provided, thus
preventing harm from occuring to devices being tested with
this instrument.
1-3. Front panel indicators provide visual indication of the
output current or voltage and the operating modes of the
instrument, in-line decade dials and a panel meter indicate
the magnitude of the selected output. Indicator lamps
provide visual indication of the various operating modes.
1-4. Systems capability is enhanced by remote control of
most operating features. Remote operation is possible
through the rear panel Remote connector using either contact
closures or DTL/TTL logic. Programming coding requirements
are binary 8*4-2-1.
1-5. The instrument is completely solid-state in design, and
module plug-in construction is used for ease in maintenance.
The instrument is designed for bench*top use or installation
in a 19-inch electronic equipment rack. The chassis is also
drilled to accept rack mounting slides.

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