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Fluke 8520AS-1 Digital multimeter
Model 8520AS-1
Date 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Digital multimeter
Description Bench/System Multimeter
                                    The 8520A and 8522A are designed for system and bench
applications and have built-in system interface circuits.
The performance specifications of the two instruments are
almost identical. The principal difference is that the 8520A
has an interface compatible with GPIB/IEEE-488* 1978 and the
8522A has an interface suitable for either BCD or Parallel
(binary) applications.
The 8520A/AS-1 and the 8520A/PRT are unique variations of
the 8520A. One, the 8520A/ AS-1, is compatible with U.S.
Government Modular Automatic Test Equipment (MATE) system.
And the 8520A/PRT includes a Platinum Resistance Probe for
extremely accurate temperature measurements.
Seven standard and seven optional math programs plus a
built-in “burst” memory make these multimeters exceptionally
intelligent stand-alone units. A choice of dc volts,
true-rms ac volts, 2- wire or 4-wire ohms, and the Fluke
exclusive conductance function make the instruments very
versatile. The conductance function provides a simple way to
measure resistance from 10 ΜΩ to 100,000 ΜΩ.
The instruments boast 50 ppm basic dc accuracy for 90 days
with 5'/2 digit resolution. A 520 readings-per-second system
rate with ΑΊ2 digits resolution is standard for high speed
• The terms GPIB and IEEE-488 may be used interchangeably
throughout this catalog.
ments. Or make 240 readings per second (with 60 Hz line
operation) with 5'h digits resolution. Inputs are switchable
from front to rear too.
An unprecedented degree of prompting and operational cues
are provided for skilled and unskilled technicians alike. A
simple, uncluttered color-coded front panel makes operation

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Fluke -- 8520AS-1 -- Datasheet
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