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Fluke 5442A Calibrator
Model 5442A
Date 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Calibrator
Description Calibration Instruments
                                    The 5440B and 5442A are equipped with bright
vacuum-fluorescent displays for clear visibility at any
viewing angle. Even inexperienced operators find the 5440B
and 5442A easy to use because the 40-character, alphanumeric
display provided in addition to the numeric output display,
makes operating instructions and error messages clear and
readable in engineering units and English language messages
instead of coded numerics. For semi-automated testing, the
5440B allows a complete test sequence of up to 60 steps to
be stored in the internal Procedure Storage memory and
recorded for later use in the interchangeable, plug-in
Procedure Storage Modules. A test sequence is recalled and
executed one step at a time with each touch of the NEXT STEP
The differences between the 5440B and the 5442A are in the
operating features and specifications. The 5440B comes
equipped with the Procedure Storage Module capability and
boost capability for driving the 5205A Precision Power
Amplifier and 5220A Transconductance Amplifier in system
applications. The rear output terminals found on the 5440B
as a standard feature are available for the 5442A as an
option. Both instruments have outstanding accuracy
specifications and the capability for operating at full
rated accuracy over a temperature range of ±5°C from the
calibration temperature, making them well-suited for
operation in a production environment as well as in a
standards lab. Both instruments are completely programmable
via the GPIB/IEEE-488* interface which is included at no
extra cost.
The outstanding accuracy specifications for the 5440B and
5442A are easily maintained in any lab by performing the
simple, automatic calibration procedures which store the
calibration constants in non-volatile solid-state memory. No
hardware adjustments are required. The Fluke 732A Reference
Standard combined with the Fluke Direct Volt Maintenance
Program and the Fluke 752A Reference Divider, provide the
highest accuracy reference standards available for this
periodic calibration.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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