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Fluke 2286A Test Set
Model 2286A
Date 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Test Set
Description Data Acquisition Tools
                                    The 2280 Series family of data loggers combines high
measurement accuracy, exceptional configuration flexibility,
and computer-like power without requiring the user to write
software. This family, composed of the 2285B Data Logger and
the more powerful 2286A Data Logging System, offers
solutions for demanding data acquisition and reporting problems.
The 2286A Data Logging System features an MS-DOS compatible
microfloppy drive for data and program storage. The disk can
be taken from the 2286A, inserted directly into a PC, and
the data files (stored in DIF format) imported into Lotus
1-2-3™, Excel, or other spreadsheets. The 2286A is
expandable from a simple 20-channel data logger to a
distributed 1500-point data acquisition system.
For applications that do not require all the power or
expansion capabilities of the 2286A Data Logging System, the
2285B Data Logger is a more economical solution. Expandable
up to 100 channels, the 2285B accepts most 228X I/O options.
The 2280 Series displays collected data, the results of
calculations, or outputs can be viewed on its bright,
40-character display, or logged on the wide format 40-column
internal printer. Adding further recording flexibility are
two communication ports which can be configured with
optional RS-232C or IEEE-488 interfaces.
For Demanding Environments
Applications that require more input or output points than
can be housed in the mainframe are satisfied by using the
2281A Extender Chassis. Any input or output options housed
in an extender chassis have an operating range of -20°C to
Another standard feature is full operation from 12V dc
power, making the 2280 Series a natural for mobile data

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Fluke -- 2286A -- Datasheet
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