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Electronic Navigation Industries 310L Amplifier
Electronic Navigation Industries
Model 310L
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
                                    The Model 31OL is a broadband solid state power amplifier
covering the frequency range of 250 KHz to 110 MHz.
Over 10 watts of RF power can be produced at the output,
with low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. A highly
linear Class A design, the Model 31 OL will amplify inputs
of AM,FM,
SSB, pulse and other complex modulations, with minimum
distortion. The 50 dB gain of the unit permits it to be
driven to its full power output by any signal or sweep
generator capable of supplying a minimum -10 dBM (.07 volts
RMS) signal level into its 50 ohm input. Virtually all
commercial signal and sweep generators are capable of
supplying this signal.
The Model 31OL operates over its entire bandwidth without
tuning or other adjustments. It is capable of supplying
useful power output up 150 MHz, at reduced gain.
This unit is unconditionally stable and will not oscillate
for any possible combination of source and load impedances.
It is protected against failure due to output load mismatch
and/or overdrive.
The Model 310L will withstand a +25 dB overdrive (input
signal of +15 dBM) for all output load conditions including
both short and open circuit loads.
Output RF voltage level, as well as power output into 50
ohms, is monitored by a front panel meter. An integral power
supply permits operation directly from the AC line.

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