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Spirent Communications TAS 4600A Other
Spirent Communications
Model TAS 4600A
Date 2001
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Other
Description Noise & Interference Emulator
                                    The TAS 4600A Noise & Interference Emulator provides a
convenient, thorough
approach for testing RF communications equipment by
emulating the co-channel
and adjacent channel interference present in wideband
communications systems.
The TAS 4600A allows thorough testing in a laboratory
setting and drastically
reduces the time required for product tests. By providing
precise carrier to noise
(C/N) and carrier to interference (C/I) conditions, the TAS
4600A can be used to
test a wide range of wireless voice and data communication
equipment, including
cellular telephones, cellular modems, personal communication
terminals, wireless
LANs, pagers, and wireless network equipment.
TAS 4600A provides advanced testing features to address a
wide range of RF
communications technologies. The 4600A delivers these
features in a modular
format, so your test system can evolve to meet your testing
needs for years to
come. The TAS 4600A has the following modular features:
• Plug-In RF Channel Modules
• Plug-In CW Interference Module
• Plug-In RF Power Meter
• Plug-In System Software PCMCIA Card
A single TAS 4600A emulates up to two independent wide
bandwidth RF
channels, each with independent additive interference, see
Figure 1-1. A wide
range of C/N, Eb/N0, and C/I characteristics can be
programmed for each
channel. In addition, the 4600A allows the output power of
each RF channel to be
directly programmed over a wide dynamic range to allow
testing at very low
carrier levels.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual TAS-7447-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 168
Size 757.93 Kbytes (776124 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 2.30
Manual-ID/Number 2700-5641
Date 2001
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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MD5 2f3ae27ff0f5c2e52c5247ddb4c250e2
Downloads 157 since 28 December 2015
This manual applies to the TAS 4600A, Version 2.20 and higher


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