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California Instruments 801RP Power supply
California Instruments
Model 801RP
Date 2005
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
Description AC Power Source
                                    The 801RP/1251RP AC source is a high efficiency, light
weight 800VA or 1250VA programmable AC power source. The
output has two voltage ranges of 0-135V or 0-270V with a
frequency range of 16 Hz to 500 Hz. The maximum output
current for the 1251 RP is 9.2 amps on 135 volts range and
4.6 amps on 270 volts range.
The maximum output current for the 801 RP is 6 amps on 135
volt range and 3 amps on 270 volts range.
The universal nominal input can be from 100 volts to 240
volts at 50 Hz or 60 Hz line frequency.
Simple front panel controls enable the voltage, current
limit and frequency to be changed. An optional RS232C and
IEEE 488 interface is available for applications that
require remote control and measurements.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 95
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Language english
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Manual-ID/Number 5003-960
Date April 2005
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User and Programming Manual

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