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Singer 11W2 Sewing machine
Model 11W2
Category: Home electronics
Group Sewing machine
                                    Machine No. 11 w 2 is designed for sewing light and medium
weight fabrics by foot power and is distinguished for
absolute cleanliness of operation, a feature especially
desirable in stitching while goods.
Ίhis machine is of the rotary motion type, lock stitch,
quiet, light running and durable and is provided with knee
lifter for lifting the presser loot. The teed motion is
positive and has the reverse stitch feature for making
fastening off stitches at the end of a seam
(o 11 w 2
I he specilic designation ..I each Singer Sewing Machine
consists ol two numbers, separated bv a hvphen or letter and
stamped upon a number plate, which is attached to the
machine, usually upon the arm.
I he number before the hvphen or letter designates the Class
to which the machine belongs, and the number after, the
Variety of the machine in its ( lass.
When supplies for a machine are to be ordered and there is
anv uncertainty as to the correct numbers of needles or
parts, the ( lass and Variety numbers of the machine, as
shown on the number plate, should be given to ensure a
collect understanding of the order.

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