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Power Designs Inc. 2015R Power supply
Power Designs Inc.
Model 2015R
Date 1962
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
Description All Silicon Constant Voltage Current Power Suppl
                                    The Model 201 5R is a general purpose DC power source
designed to furnish, regulated voltage or current for
electronic and scientific laboratory instrumentation.
Using silicon semiconductor devices exclusively and such
field proven proprietary techniques as Ambitrol® and Heatran
, the power supply has a reliability and versatility not
normally available in equipment of this type.
The Ambitrol dual amplifier control system permits operation
of the Model 2015R as a constant voltage or constant current
source over its entire operating range with'automatic
electronic transfer to either mode at any predetermined
operating point. The supply is completely protected against
internal damage for any load condition and may be operated
continuously into a short circuit. Protection of the load is
assured by continuously adjustable current limiting in the
constant voltage made and continuously adjustable voltage
compliance in the constant current mode.
The Heatran technique of power transistor dissipation
control makes possible the transfer of up to 90$ of the
normal power dissipation of the series pass transistors into
external vitreous enamel resistors, reducing the junction
temperature of the transistors and lowering internal ambient
temperatures in the equipment.
The output voltage or current may also be controlled from a-
remote location by means of external fixed or variable
Compact and light, the power supply is self-contained in any
integral housing for laboratory bench use. Tapped rivnuts
are provided on the face of the unit for panel mounting in a
test console or in a relay rack. Accessory panel adapters
with a height of 8-3/4” are available for mounting one or
two units in a standard 19” relay rack.

* &'AMB!TRGt DuoS amplifier control system permits
continuous control of voHcge of current with automatic
electronic crossover So either mode of operation.
* ^HEATRAN Electron ic power frarssisfor dissipation control.
* Performance specifications based on anticipated ratings at
end of five years of service life.
* New SHtcan power transistors assure high stability end
provides major breakthrough ir< predictable reliability.
* Pre-aged transistors with ‘‘reliabifify controlled"
parameters for insured long life.
® ''Controlled Avalanche” Silicon rectifiers to prevent line
transient failure*.
* Builf-m circuitry eliminates the possibility of turn-ort
and turnoff transients.
* Oual concentric confrofs for coarse and fine voitage
* Front and rear occess output term me Is.
* Silicon dtade voltage references with cornplemerstary
temperature coefficients.
* Semiconductor devices derated to 50 % of rated voltage and
» Volt-ammeter monitors output voltage or current.
® Computer qualify electrolytic capacitors.
* Line and food circuits separately fused. Accessible at
front panel.
* Fifty hour pre-aging of power supplies prior to test,
guarantees field service reliability.
* Modular package construction suitable for rack mounting,
Single or dual mounting in 5 V4" x 19" panel. See catalogue
RPA-62 for rack panel adapters.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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