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Power Designs Inc. 2005 Power supply
Power Designs Inc.
Model 2005
Date 1964
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
Description Precision DC Power Source
                                    The Model 2005 is a precision DC power source designed to
supply an extremely stable 0 to 20 volt, 0 to 500
milliampere output. The instrument combines the accuracy of
a precision calibrator with the power capability of a
general-purpose regulated supply. Two dual, concentric
decade switches provide a digital readout of the selected
output voltage to within 0.1% +1 millivolt of the selected
value. A 1-millivolt range, single-turn potentiometer
permits interpolation of the last place. This potentiometer
has a resolution of 10 microvolts. A toggle switch selects
the range of the dial readout; either from 0 to 10 volts, or
from 10 to 20 volts. The output voltage of the supply may be
remotely programmed with the same accuracy, using an
external resistance. The supply also includes provisions for
remote sensing of the output voltage at the load. Compact
and light, the power source is self-contained in a portable
housing designed for bench use. The modular construction of
the Model 2005 makes it suitable for rack mounting. Panel
adapters are available for mounting one or two units in a
standard 19-inch rack having a panel height of 5 1/4 inches.

• Calibrated decade voltage readout to four significant
figures at outputs below 10 volts, to five significant
figures above 10 volts. Interpolation of the last place is
provided by a potentiometer with 10-microvolts resolution.
• Provisions for rear-panel zero calibration (may be used to
offset lead drop during remote sensing).
• Adjustable current limiting.
• Self-restoring electronic overload and short-circuit
• All silicon-semiconductor regulator system.
• Critical semiconductors and components maintained at
constant ambient in temperature-controlled oven.
• Accurate remote programming at 1000 ohms-per.volt.
• Front and rear access to output terminals.
• 100 hour pre-aging of power supply before test and
calibration. Individual calibration data furnished with each
• Line and load circuits separately fused. Accessible at
rear. Performance specifications based on anticipated
ratings after 5 years service.
• "Controlled-Parameter" semiconductor program insures long
life expectancy. Features "controlled avalanche" silicon
rectifiers and power transistors, pre-aged zener voltage
references and transistors, noise-testing techniques for
establishing predictable device reliability, derating to 50%
of rated voltage and current, etc.
• Modular package construction suitable for rack mounting.
Single or dual mounting in 5%"x 19" panel. See Cat. RPA-62
for rack panel adapters.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Power Designs Inc. -- 2005 -- Service Manual
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Language english
Date 1964
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