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Pioneer SX-3900 Receiver
Model SX-3900
Category: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Group Receiver
Description FM Quartz Lock Stereo Receiver
                                    DC-Configured Power Amplifier Using a Won-Switching
Amplifier System
Featured in the power amplifier section is a NonSwitching
Amplifier system. This is an amplifier with a new type of
output stage which controls the output transistor bias at a
high speed in accordance with the level of the output
signals (with the high-speed bias servo circuit) in order to
prevent the output transistors from being set to the cut-off
mode. This system ends transistor switching distortion and
helps eliminate higher harmonic distortion. Its efficiency
is on a par with that of a class B amplifier and it displays
the same high level of quality as a class A amplifier. As a
result, it delivers a
Continuous Power Output of 120 watts*per channel, min., at
8ohms from 20Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.005%
total harmonic distortion.
Another feature is the skived heat sink, with a highly
efficient heat dissipation effect and a light weight, which
has been given a chimney construction. Even when the
receiver is being run continuously under full power
conditions, this heat sink keeps the temperature rise down
and provides high quality and high power listening.
Quartz-locked FM Tuner for Accurate and Stable Reception
The front end employs a 4-gang variable capacitor and
dual-gate MOS FET in order to yield a high level of
sensitivity and effective interference rejection. Featured
in the intermediate frequency stage is three dual element
ceramic filters with an outstanding group delay response and
a differential amplifier 1C between the stages. This
configuration helps provide an excellent selectivity and
The quartz lock system adopts a crystal detector using a
quartz crystal as the reference element, and when part of
the intermediate frequency signal is passed through this
detector, the deviation in the oscillation frequency of the
local oscillator caused by shifts in the temperature or
humidity is detected and this deviation in the frequency is
offset. This means that whatever the frequency, the tuner is
fully locked to the signal of the broadcasting station and
that stable reception is assured.
The MPX section employs a double chopper type of
demodulator to yield a high signal-to-noise ratio and a low
distortion as well as a wide dynamic range. This means that
a high separation response is produced even with
overmodulation. Another attraction is the adoption of a full
auto pilot canceller circuit which tracks the pilot signal
level and helps improve the high-range frequency response.
Fluorescent Display Tubes for Power Meter and Frequency
Featured for the power meter is a fluorescent display tube
using the latest digital technology, a logarithmic
compression circuit and a peak hold circuit. This
combination allows a power output level display from 0.001
watts up to 120 watts without range selection on a bar graph
In addition to the conventional dial scale, there is also a
reception frequency display based on a fluorescent display
tube. This indicates the frequency of the broadcasting
station in five digits so that it is easy to tune in a
station quickly. The tuning meter and signal meter also use
new indicators with fluorescent display tubes.
Preamplifier Guaranteeing High-fidelity Sound Reproduction
The tone amplifier which employs low-noise, low- distortion
ICs assures a low distortion of 0.005% (from 20Hz to
20,000Hz, 10V output). The equalizer amplifier also employs
low-noise transistors and also high-precision capacitors and
resistors to deliver top-notch characteristics such as an
RIAA deviation of ±0.2dB over 20 to 20,000Hz, a
signal-to-noise ratio of 86dB and a maximum allowable input
of 300mV.
Full Complement of Accessory Functions
• Self-illuminating switches: The function selector and the
speaker switches light up when depressed and so exactly what
switches have been depressed can be taken in at a glance.
• Brightness selector: This selector allows the brightness of
the fluorescent display tubes to be adjusted in line with
the brightness of the listening room.
• AM STEREO OUT jack: Connect your stereo adaptor to this
jack when listening to AM stereo broadcasts.

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