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J. W. Miller AT 2500 Tuner
J. W. Miller
Model AT 2500
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Tuner
Description Automatic Antenna Tuner
                                    The AT 2500 consists of two main assemblies.
The Main Tuner Assembly houses the high power RF components
in the RF compartment on the
right side and the two printed circuit boards in the
compartment on the left side. These PC boards
control the motor-driven high voltage capacitors in the RF
compartment. The tuner portion has
been designed so that it can be operated automatically after
the band switch has been set, or
manually by operating the tune and load capacitor knobs
after the automatic feature is switched off.
This manual feature makes it possible to operate the tuner
in case of failure of the electronic portion
of the unit. Should you have to return the plug-in PC
Control Board to the factory for repair, you
will still have a manual antenna tuner. However, an external
SWR and power meter is needed.
The second assembly consists of a Remote Directional Bridge
Coupler which connects to the main
tuner assembly via a captive plug-in cable.

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