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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAK20-36A Power supply
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Model: PAK20-36A
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Power supply
                                    The PAK-A/AM is a high reliability and safety regulated DC
power supply for industrial use. It is a switching regulator
and provides a high total efficiency, and is extremely
compact and light. It is incorporated with various
provisions for use as an industrial system component,
including a local/remote switch-over circuit, remote control
signal input circuits, monitor signal output circuits, and
The advantageous features of the PAK-A/AM Power Supply are
as follows:
(1) Compact and light
The sizes and weight of the PAK-A/AM is less than a half to
one-third of those of the conventional power supply (those
of the corresponding model, of Kikusui PAD-L Power Supply).
Thus, the PAK-A/AM can be very advantageously used as a
system component. It can be easily handled for maintenance
and replacement.
(2) High efficiency
The overall efficiency of the PAK-A/AM is as high as
approximately 80%, greatly reducing its Joule loss and
increasing its rated output power. When the PAK-A/AM is used
as a system component, the overall system cooling provision
cost as well as the electricity cost itself will be
substantially decreased.
(3) High reliability and safety
The PAK-A/AM has been designed to the highest reliability
and safety available based on the full technical assets of
Kikusui as a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments
and power supplies. The PAK-A/AM is incorporated with
protectors against output overvoltage, input overvoltage or
overcurrent, and equipment overheat. Trip of any of these
protectors will cause the switching drive stop and the input
power switch (circuit breaker) turned off.
(4) Provisions for system component
In order to be able to serve as a component of an industrial
the the PAK-A/AM is incorporated with the various features.
The PAK-A/AM is available either in a blind type or in an
indicating type (with a digital meter). It is incorporated
with monitor, status, and control signal output circuits. It
is provided with a remote/local selector switch. It employs
a front air intake system, to improve the space factor of
system components. It can be installed on a rack from the
front of the rack.
(5), Fan speed control for low acounstic noise
The revolutionary speed of the cooling fan motor is
automatically controlled in proportion to the heat sink
temperature. This fan speed control is usefull for reducing
the thermal stress of power device. Thus, automatically fan
speed down when the load is light and/or ambient temperature
is low, the PAK-A/AM generates less noise and the air filter
is required to be replaced less frequently.
(6) Remote control provisions
In order to be operated as an industrial system component,
the PAK-A/AM is incoporated with remote control provisions
for continuously-variable control of the output voltage or
current with an external voltage or resistance, for on/off
control of the output switch with an external contact
signal, for turning off of the input power switch, etc.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PAK20-36A -- User Manual
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Manual Type: User Manual
Pages: 124
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