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Kepco MPS620M Power supply
Model MPS620M
Date 1976
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
                                    The Kepco Model MPS 620M is a multi-output, “bench-top"
power supply, which provides the necessary voltage and
current capability for the operation of most IC's and
microprocessors. The Model MPS 620M consists of two main
sections. The 6 volt, 5 ampere output section is equipped
with an adjustable crowbar and crowbar light at the front
pane! and with remote error sensing terminals. The dual
tracking ± 20 volt, 1 ampere section is equipped with
adjustable current limiting. Both sections have precision
10-turn voltage controls at the front panel*. The output
voltage as well as the output currents are monitored by
front panel voltage meters. Both outputs are completely
short-circuit proof by virtue of an extremely sharp current
limit characteristic. Both outputs are terminated at the
front pane! binding posts and at the barrier strip terminals
at the rear of the power supply.
1-5 The Model MPS 620M is constructed in a three-quarter
rack package. The chassis and wrap-around cover are made
from cold-rolled steel, while the front panel material Is
aluminium. (Refer to the Mechanical Outline Drawing, FIG. 1-2)

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 82
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Language english
Date 1976
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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This manual contains instructions for the installation,
operation and maintenance of the Model MPS 620M Multiple
Output Power Supply.

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