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Kepco BOP FULL RACK Power supply
Date 1999
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
                                    The Kepco series BOP Bipolar Power Supplies are fully
dissipative, linear stabilizers for laboratory and systems
applications. The BOP is an all solid-state design,
featuring IC operational amplifiers in the control circuit
section and silicon power transistors mounted on special
fan-cooled heat sinks in the complementary power stage.
1-5 The BOP has two bipolar control channels (voltage or
current mode), selectable and individually controllable
either from their front panel controls, or by remote
signals. Each of the principal control channels is protected
by bipolar limit circuits. In these limit circuits the
positive and negative current or voltage limit points can be
manually set or remotely programmed simultaneously or
individually. Automatic crossover between each principal
control channel and its associated limit channel is provided.
1-6 All control and limit channels are connected to the
complementary output stage via an ‘‘EXCLUSIVE OR" gate, so
that only one channel is in control of the BOP output at any
one time. The BOP output can be programmed over its full
output range by a ± 10 volt signal applied to either one of
the inputs to the voltage or the current channel. The limit
control channels can be remotely controlled by a 0 to +10
volt signal applied to their respective inputs. Two
uncommitted preamplifiers, with both, inverting and
noninverting inputs available at the rear programming
connector, can scale any programming source to the required
input levels. Zero adjustments for both amplifiers are provided.
1-7 The BOP is a fast programmable power supply with
considerable bandwidth and thereby sensitive to reactive
loads. The dynamic specifications, given in Table 1-3, are
valid for resistive loads only.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date 1999
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This manual contains instructions for the installation,
operation and maintenance of the BOP series of Bipolar,
operational power supplies.

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