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Henry Radio 2K-3 Amplifier
Henry Radio
Model 2K-3
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
Description Linear Amplifier
                                    The 2K-3 Linear Amplifier is a one stage amplifier designed
for SSB/ CW, FSK, and AM operation with any exciter capable
of 80 to 160 watts PEP output. The 2K-3 is capable of
maximum legal input on the amateur bands from 3.5 to 29.7
megacycles. In addition the amplifier can be operated on
frequencies outside the amateur bands. On freq-uencies far
removed from the amateur bands, it may be necessary to
re-tune the appropriate cathode-pi inf>ut module. These
plug-in modules are located adjacent to the 3-500Z tubes and
carry the individual band designations 10 through 80 meters.
The 2K-3 is a one piece floor console consisting of a
complete RF deck and a separate power supply chassis. The
amplifier is normally supplied for operation from a three
wire 220 volt 50-60 cycle circuit. The unit can quickly be
adapted for operation from 110 volts 50-60 cycles by
rewiring the terminal block mounted on the right front
corner of the power supply chassis behind the console front
door. Both connections are pictorially depicted elsewhere in
these instructions.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Henry Radio -- 2K-3 -- Service and User Manual
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