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Hewlett Packard 8444A Generator
Hewlett Packard
Model 8444A
Date 1972
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Generator
                                    The Model 8444A Tracking Generator is designed to complement
both Model 8554B and Model 8555A Spectrum Analyzer RF
Sections. The Tracking Generator covers the frequency range
of 500 kHz to 1250 MHz when used with the 8554 B RF Section
and from 10 MHz to 1.3 GHz when used with the 8555A RF
Section. The Tracking Generator/Spectrum Analyzer functions
as a system to perform frequency response measurements.
Additionally, the system can be used as a signal generator
or sweeper to supply a test signal to other devices. An
auxilliary output is provided for precision frequency
measurements by an external frequency counter.
1-20. The Tracking Generator converts the first and third
local oscillator (LO) signals from the Spectrum Analyzer RF
Section, to a signal that tracks the frequency tuning of the
RF Section. With the Spectrum Analyzer operating in ZERO
SCAN WIDTH, the Tracking Generator is a CW signal generator,
tuned to the frequency of the analyzer. In FULL or PER
DIVISION SCAN WIDTH the Tracking Generator functions as a
sweep oscillator which tracks the analyzer tuning.
Additionally, a MANUAL SCAN control on the Tracking
Generator allows manual tuning of the Spectrum
Analyzer/Tracking Generator System. The amplitude of the
Tracking Generator output is adjustable over a 0 to —10 dBm
range by a front panel vernier control. The output level is
calibrated at 30 MHz to 0 ±0.5 dBm and maintained by an
automatic level control circuit. Refer to Table 1-1 for
system performance specifications.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual HewlettPackard-6828-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 132
Size 20.36 Mbytes (21347569 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 08444-90012
Date January 1975
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 2115b7c7103060a4a7008ab1a4ec66ab
Downloads 184 since 31 May 2015
This manual applies directly to instruments with serial
numbers prefixed 1323A.
With modifications described in Section VII, this manual
also applies to instruments with serial numbers prefixed
1033A, 1139A, 1147A, 1208A and 1215A.

This manual contains all information required to install,
operate, test, adjust and service the Hewlett-Packard Model
8444A Tracking Generator. This section covers instrument
identification, description, options, accessories,
specifications and other basic information.
1-3. Figure 1-1 shows the Hewlett-Packard Model 8444A
Tracking Generator with accessories supplied.
1-4. The various sections in this manual provide information
as follows:
SECTION II, INSTALLATION, provides information relative to
incoming inspection, power requirements, mounting, packing
and shipping, etc.
SECTION III, OPERATION, provides information relative to
operating the instrument.
SECTION IV, PERFORMANCE TESTS, provides information required
to ascertain that the instrument is performing in accordance
with published specifications.
SECTION V, ADJUSTMENTS, provides information required to
properly adjust and align the instrument after repairs are made.
SECTION VI, REPLACEABLE PARTS, provides ordering information
for all replaceable parts and assemblies.
SECTION VII, MANUAL CHANGES, normally will contain no
relevant information in the original issue of a manual. This
section is reserved to provide back-dated and up-dated
information in manual revisions or reprints.
SECTION VIII, SERVICE, includes all in formation required to
service the instrument.

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