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Dentron GLA-1000 Amplifier
Model GLA-1000
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
                                    DenTron Radio Company designed the GLA-1000 with efficiency
in mind. Our engineers weren't only concerned with
efficiency in terms of power input versus power output, they
were also worried about offering an amplifier that is
efficient space-wise, and dollar-wise. The result is a
compact linear offering 10(X) Watts DC CW input and 1200
Watts input PEP SSB, a built-in power supply suitable for
117 or 234 V AC mains, complete metering of essential
voltages and currents, frontpanel amplifier bypassing, a
relative power output monitor, and modern styling. The
GLA-1000 comes equipped with a tilt-up bail to increase air
circulation and a super quiet forced air cooling system
designed for trouble free operation. The high voltage power
supply is all solid state, and there are four final tubes,
DenTron D-50A pentodes. (DenTron offers replacement tube
kits through its dealers worldwide).

The GLA-1000 is compatible with almost any exciter or
transceiver, and rear panel controls allow for relay
switching and relative power output sensitivity. A maximum
drive figure of 125 Watts is factory specification. Special
circuitry required by FCC Type Acceptance regulations limit
frequency coverage of the GLA-1000 to 80 through 15 meters,
although proper modification by a licensed Amateur will
allow 10 meter coverage. Most MARS frequencies just outside
the Amateur Bands can be covered without modifica-

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