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Hallicrafters Co. S-38A Receiver
Hallicrafters Co.
Model S-38A
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Receiver
Description Radio Receiver
                                    The four bands or frequency ranges of the receiver are
selected by the BAND SELECTOR. Four individual dial scales
permit the frequency of reception to be read directly from
the general coverage dial. Any narrow range of frequencies
in the entire frequency spectrum covered by the receiver may
be spread out electrically with the BAND SPREAD control.
This feature provides more desirable tuning in the short
wave broadcast ranges and particularly in the amateur bands.
The general coverage dial setting for the amateur bands is
shown on the dial scale (Heavy black bars) for convenience
in setting up the receiver for amateur band reception.

Speaker or headset reception is available at the operator’s
discretion. The selection of each is made by a slide switch
located on the panel. The speaker unit is built into the
cabinet, the headset is plugged into the pin jack
receptacles located on the rear chassis apron.

The AM/CW switch permits reception of either radio telephone
or c-w code signals.

The RECEIVE/STANDBY switch permits the operator to disable
the receiver for short standby periods yet maintain the tube
heaters at operating temperature for immediate operation,

The receiver normally operates from .1 105-125 V, DC (Direct
Current) or 60 cycle AC (Alternating Current) power source.
To place the receiver in operation it is merely necessary to
connect a suitable antenna to the antenna terminals located
on the rear chassis apron and plug the power plug into the
wall outlet. Refer to the installation details that follow
especially to the paragraph on "POWER SOURCE”, before
connect into the receiver to the wall outlet and avoid an
necessary and perhaps costly repa1rs.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Hallicrafters Co. -- S-38A -- Service and User Manual
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