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Hallicrafters Co. HT-44 Transmitter
Hallicrafters Co.
Model HT-44
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Transmitter
Description Communications Transmitter
                                    The Hallicrafters Model HT-44 is a seventeen-
tube Transmitter/Exciter capable of SSB
(Single Sideband with suppressed carrier , AM
(DSB), and CW transmission in the 80, 40 20,
15, and 1O meter amateur bands. This unit can
represent the complete transmitting complement
of a station. The only requirements for immediate
’’on-the-air” operation are a PS-150-120 Power
Supply, a 50-ohm terminated antenna system, a
key or microphone, and an AC power source.
The unit may be utilized as a complete
transmitter, or as an exciter for driving a linear
amplifier Such as an HT-45, HT-33B, HT-41, or
others. If other linear amplifiers are used, they
should be capable of supplying a 50-ohm termination
for the HT-44.
When used in conjunction with an SX-117
receiver , slave (transceive) operation or independent
operation is selectable by a panel switch.
An outstanding feature of the HT-44 is the
amplified Automatic Audio Level Control (AALC).
The AALC circuitry virtually eliminates splatter
commonly caused by excessive audio gam and its;
resultant "flat-topping." This is accomplished by
providing up to 12 DR of compression at the point
where flat-topping would normally occur> assuring
maximum talk power while maintaining a clean,
sharp signal.

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