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Fluke 80i-110s Probe
Model 80i-110s
Date 2002
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Probe
Description AC/DC Current Probe
                                    Accurate current measurements
become more and more critical
when troubleshooting electric,
electronic, and automotive circuits.
The Fluke 80i-110s AC/DC
Current Probe is designed to
provide you with safe, high
accuracy measurements for a
wide range of applications.
The specially designed builtin
safety features such as the
600 V rms rating at the input
jaws, output cable, and BNC
connector enhance work safety
in industrial and commercial
power distribution systems.
The probe is shielded for
high noise immunity, to prevent
unwanted noise when troubleshooting
around noise generating
devices like adjustable
speed motor drives and ignition
The 80i-110s accurately
reproduces current waveforms
as they occur. Connect the
clamp to a Fluke ScopeMeter
Test Tool or other waveform
recording device like a Fluke
Power Harmonics Analyzer, to
clearly see distorted waveforms
that result from non-linear loads
such as computers, adjustable
speed motor drives, and electronic
ballasts for fluorescent
Current clamps, not specifically
designed for oscilloscopes,
may add distortion to the actual
signal present in the system
under test. This makes it difficult
to get an accurate waveform
The wide measurement
range from 50 milliamps to 100
Amps with a high fidelity millivolt
output gives you full
advantage of the high resolution
oscilloscope displays. This
gives you the true picture of
your current situation, and
allows useful measurements as
low as 10 milliamps.
The broad band frequency
response of the Fluke 80i-110s
AC/DC Current Probe from dc to
100 kHz supports a wide range
of applications where the probe
can be used. The probe can be
used to track down leakage
currents discharging car batteries
or to measure dc currents
in an Uninterruptible Power
Supply (UPS), that uses a
battery backup system.
With its narrow jaw design,
the Fluke 80i-110s makes it
easy to take measurements in
tight spots.

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