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Tektronix 211 Oscilloscope
Model 211
Date 1982
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
                                    The 211 Oscilloscope is a single-channel, 500 kilohertz
portable instrument using all solid state and integrated
circuit components (except CRT). The small size of the 211
makes it an extremely portable oscilloscope for on-location
maintenance in many fields of application. The instrument is
mechanically constructed to withstand the shock, vibration,
and other extremes associated with portability. The DC to
500 kilohertz vertical system provides vertical deflection
factors from one millivolt (at reduced bandwidth) to 50
volts/division at the tip of the high-impedance probe. The
trigger circuits provide stable triggering from about seven
hertz to 500 kilohertz from either an internal or external
The horizontal deflection system provides calibrated sweep
rates from 200 milliseconds to five microseconds/ division.
A continuously variable sweep magnifier provides
uncalibrated sweep rates to at least five times the
indicated sweep rate, for a maximum sweep rate of at least
one microsecond/division. In addition, horizontal amplifier
operation provides horizontal deflection factors of one and
10 volts/division. The resultant CRT display produced by the
vertical and horizontal deflection systems is presented on a
6 X 10 division graticule (each division equals 0.203 inch).
The 211 can be operated either from AC line voltage or from
internal rechargeable batteries. Maximum total power
consumption is two watts. The internal batteries can be
recharged from the AC power line by the integral battery
charger (instrument off).
This instrument will meet the following electrical
characteristics after complete instrument calibration as
given in Section 4. Section 4 also provides a convenient
method of checking instrument performance without making
internal checks or adjustments. The following electrical
characteristics apply over an ambient temperature range of
—15°C to +55°C, except as otherwise indicated. Warmup time
for given accuracy is five minutes.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date August 1982
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