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Tektronix TR503 Generator
Model TR503
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description Tracking Generator Plugin
                                    Swept Measurements to 1.8 GHz Enhances Dynamic Range to
Better Than 110 dB Very Stable—Resolve Signals Using 30 Hz
Resolution Bandwidth Auxilliary, Constant-Level Output
Provides for Frequency Counter Measurement—Even of Signals
at the Noise Floor
The TR 502 works with the 7L12 and 7L14 and the TR 503 works
with all 490 Series spectrum analyzers to provide constant
level, calibrated RF sources for swept frequency tests to
1.8 GHz.
The low residual FM of these systems enhances narrow
bandwidth frequency response measurements. When used as a cw
signal source with the analyzer in a manual mode, these
systems have excellent frequency stability.
The tracking generators are two-wide units compatible with
the TM 500 and TM 5000 Modular Instrument Series.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Tektronix -- TR503 -- Datasheet
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