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Tektronix TDS 654C Oscilloscope
Model TDS 654C
Date 1999
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
Description Digital Real-Time™ Oscilloscopes
                                    Whether you are working on
next generation microprocessor
designs, high-speed data
communications equipment,
or in high-energy physics
research, the TDS 694C captures
your fastest signals with
the best fidelity and resolution
available. Its 3 GHz
bandwidth preserves your
waveform’s fast rising edges
and accurately shows signal
details. With 10 GS/s digitizing
rate simultaneously on all
four channels and a high-stability
timebase, the TDS 694C
makes your critical timing
measurements with the highest
resolution and accuracy
– even channel-to-channel
measurements made in a single
The TDS 600C oscilloscopes
incorporate all the advanced
trigger features you expect in
a high performance oscilloscope.
The TDS 694C can be
configured for cross triggering
with a Tektronix TLA 700
Logic Analyzer.
The TDS 600C oscilloscopes
give you the total solution to
your digital design characterization
and debugging needs.
Now you have the tool you
need to verify design margins,
characterize setup and
hold times, and measure
clock-to-data skew on the
fastest digital designs.
The TDS 600C offers 29 automatic
measurements, with
measurement statistics, to
make your design verification
and characterization job
much faster and easier.
Available Java-based application
packages for Jitter Analysis,
Disk Drive measurements
and Processor Specification
measurements provide customized
measurements and
analysis capability. The
TDS 600C gives you the performance
and features you
need to get your job done
faster and more thoroughly.

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Tektronix -- TDS 654C -- Datasheet
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Pages 4
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Language english
Manual-ID/Number 55W-10066-7
Date May 1999
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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