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Tektronix 494P Spectrum analyzer
Model 494P
Date 1985
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Spectrum analyzer
                                    The TEKTRONIX 494P adds remote control and automated
spectrum data acquisition and analysis to the performance
and portability features of the TEKTRONIX 494 Spectrum
Analyzer. The 494P front panel can be controlled remotely
(except for those controls intended for local use only, such
as INTENSITY). Waveform processing functions are added to do
some spectrum analysis locally.
The IEEE Std 488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) port
added in the 494P allows it to be used with a wide variety
of systems and controllers. This versatility is accomplished
because the 494P is implemented according to the Tektronix
Interface Standard for GPIB Codes, Formats, Conventions, and
Features. This standard promotes ease of
operation, and makes the 494P compatible with other
Tektronix instruments and, as much as possible, with GPIB
instruments from other manufacturers.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Tektronix -- 494P -- User Manual
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Manual Type User Manual
Pages 129
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Language english
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Manual-ID/Number 070-4415-00
Date March 1985
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
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Programmers Manual

This manual is one of a set for the TEKTRONIX 494P and
non-programmable 494 Spectrum Analyzers. The manuals that
are available at this time in addition to this 494P
Programmers are the 494/494P Operators, 494/494P Operators
Handbook (a small manual that fits in the instrument front
cover), and 494/494P Service, Volumes 1 and 2.
Refer to the 494/494P Operators manual for a full
description of instrument functions and front-panel
controls. The Operators manual also contains the full
specification of instrument performance.
This manual describes the programmable functions of the 494P
and how to use them for remote operation.
Sections 1 and 2 help you get started using the 494P on the
IEEE Std 488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPJB).
Programming examples are included here as well as throughout
the manual. Some examples are given for a variety of GPIB
controllers, but most are in BASIC as implemented on
TEKTRONIX 4050-Series controllers. Comments are included to
help you translate if you are using another controller.
Sections 3 through 7 are a reference to the language used to
set and read 494P functions and transfer spectrum data
acquired by the 494P. Section 3 defines devicedependent
message format and execution. Sections 4 through 7 cover the
commands and queries by function; front-panel, display data
I/O, waveform processing, and system operation.
Section 8 is a how-to section for making programmable
measurements with the 494P.
Appendix A will help you understand the GPIB and the IEEE
488 standard on which it is based.
Appendix B includes two foldout pages containing an index
and a comprehensive list of remote control commands and
queries and error/event responses.
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