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Wavetek 39A Generator
Model 39A
Date 2005
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description 40MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
                                    This Synthesized Programmable Arbitrary Waveform Generator
uses a combination of direct digital synthesis and phase
lock loop techniques to provide high performance and
extensive facilities in a compact instrument. It can
generate a wide variety of waveforms between 0-1 mHz and
16MHz with high resolution and accuracy
Arbitrary waveforms may be defined with 12 bit vertical
resolution and from 4 to 65536 horizontal points. In
addition a number of standard waveforms are available
including sine, square, triangle, ramp and pulse.
Arbitrary waveforms may be replayed at a user specified
waveform frequency or period, or the sample rate may be
defined in terms of period or frequency.
Extensive waveform editing features between defined start
and end points are incorporated, including waveform insert,
point edit, line draw, amplitude adjust and invert. More
comprehensive features are available using WaveForm DSP
arbitrary waveform creation software supplied. Wave Form DSP
is a powerful Windows-based design tool that enables the
user to create waveforms from mathematical expressions, from
combinations of other waveforms, freehand, or using a
combination of all three techniques. Waveforms created in
this way are downloaded via the RS232 or GPIB interfaces.
Up to 50 waveforms may be stored with the length and name
specified by the user. Waveforms may be strung together to
form a sequence of up to four steps. Each waveform may have
a user defined repeat count from 1 to 32768.
All waveforms can be swept over their full frequency range
at a rate variable between 30 milliseconds and 15 minutes.
Sweep can be linear or logarithmic, single or continuous.
Single sweeps can be triggered from the front panel, the
trigger input, or the digital interfaces. A sweep marker is
Amplitude Modulation is available for all waveforms and is
controlled from an external generator via the Ext VCA input.
All waveforms are available as a Triggered Burst whereby
each active edge of the trigger signal will produce one
burst of the carrier. The number of cycles in the burst can
be set between 1 and 1048575. The Gated mode turns the
output signal On when the gating signal is true and Off when
it is false. Both Triggered and Gated modes can be operated
from the internal Trigger Generator (0.005Hz to 50kHz), from
an external source (dc to 1 MHz) or by a key press or remote
The signals from the REF IN/OUT socket and the SYNC OUT
socket can be used to phase lock two or more generators.
This can be used to generate multi-phase waveforms or locked
waveforms of different frequencies.
The generator parameters are clearly displayed on a backlit
LCD with 4 rows of 20 characters. Softkeys and sub menus are
used to guide the user through even the most complex functions.
AH parameters can be entered directly from the numeric
keypad. Alternatively most parameters can be incremented or
decremented using the rotary control. This system combines
quick and easy numeric data entry with quasi-analogue
adjustment when required.
The generator has, as standard, both RS-232 and GPIB
interfaces which can be used for remote control of all of
the instrument functions or for the down-loading of
arbitrary waveforms; the GPIB interface conforms to IEEE-488.2.

Standard Waveforms
Sine, square, triangle, DC, positive ramp, negative ramp,
sin(x)/x, pulse, pulse train, cosine,
haversine and havercosine.
Sine, Cosine, Haversine, Havercosine
Range: 0.1mHz to 16 MHz
Resolution: 0.1mHz or 7 digits
Accuracy: 10 ppm for 1 year
Temperature Stability: Typically <1 ppm/ºC.
Output Level: 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω
Harmonic Distortion: <0.1% THD to 100kHz; <–65dBc to 20kHz
<–50dBc to 1MHz,
<−35dBc to 10MHz
<−30dBc to 16MHz
Non−harmonic Spurii: <–65dBc to 1MHz, <–65dBc + 6dB/octave
1MHz to 16MHz
Range: 1mHz to 16MHz
Resolution: 1mHz (4 digits)
Accuracy: ± 1 digit of setting
Output Level: 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω
Rise and Fall Times: <25ns
Range: 0.1mHz to 100kHz
Resolution: 0.1mHz or 7 digits
Accuracy: 10 ppm for 1 year
Output Level: 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω
Linearity Error: <0.1% to 30 kHz
Ramps and Sin(x)/x
Range: 0.1mHz to 100kHz
Resolution: 0.1mHz (7 digits)
Accuracy: 10 ppm for 1 year
Output Level: 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω
Linearity Error: <0.1% to 30 kHz
Pulse and Pulse Train
Output Level: 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω
Rise and Fall Times: <25ns
Range: 100ns to 100s
Resolution: 4-digit
Accuracy: ±1 digit of setting
Range: −99.99s to +99.99s
Resolution: 0.002% of period or 25ns, whichever is greater
Range: 25ns to 99.99s
Resolution: 0.002% of period or 25ns, whichever is greater
Note that the pulse width and absolute value of the delay
may not exceed the pulse period at any
Pulse trains of up to 10 pulses may be specified, each pulse
having independently defined width,
delay and level. The baseline voltage is separately defined
and the sequence repetition rate is set
by the pulse train period.
Up to 100 user defined waveforms may be stored in the 256K
point non−volatile RAM.
Waveforms can be defined by front panel editing controls or
by downloading of waveform data via
RS232 or GPIB.
Waveform Memory Size: 64k points per channel. Maximum
waveform size is 64k
points, minimum waveform size is 4 points
Vertical Resolution: 12 bits
Sample Clock Range: 100mHz to 40MHz
Resolution: 4 digits
Accuracy: ± 1 digit of setting
Up to 16 waveforms may be linked. Each waveform can have a
loop count of up to 32,768.
A sequence of waveforms can be looped up to 1,048,575 times
or run continuously.
Output Filter
Selectable between 16MHz Elliptic, 10MHz Elliptic, 10MHz
Bessel or none.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual Wavetek-6406-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 38
Size 4.96 Mbytes (5202530 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 1
Date October 2005
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 137c8b6fe1830ec82910e9c1764f2d5a
Downloads 207 since 18 November 2014
Specifications 2
Safety 10
Installation 11
General 12
Circuit Descriptions 13
Calibration 18
Parts List 21
Component Layouts 29
Circuit Diagrams 31

Manual Type User Manual Wavetek-6407-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 86
Size 4.16 Mbytes (4363124 Bytes)
Language english
Revision revised
Manual-ID/Number 1463827
Date May 1999
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 565d3362e0f584ea95b6cc4478d5633c
Downloads 171 since 18 November 2014
installation Connections Front Panel Connections Rear Panel
Connections General Initial Operation Principles of
Operation Standard Waveform Operation Setting Generator
Parameters Warnings and Error Messages SYNC Output Sweep
Operation General
Setting Sweep Parameters Triggered Burst and Gate General
Triggered Burst Gated Mode
Sync Out in Triggered Burst and Gated Mode Tone Mode
Other Modulation Modes External VCA External SUM In
Arbitrary Waveform Generation Introduction
Creating New Waveforms Modifying Arbitrary Waveforms
Arbitrary Waveform Sequence
Frequency and Amplitude Control with Arbitrary Waveforms
Sync Out Settings with Arbitrary Waveforms Waveform Hold in
Arbitrary Mode Output Filter Setting
Pulse and Pulse-trains Pulse Set-up Pulse-train Setup
Waveform Hold in Pulse and Pulse-Train Modes Synchronizing
Generators System Operations from the Utility Menu
Calibration Remote Operation Address and Baud Rate Selection
Remote/Local Operation RS232 Interface GPIB Interface Power
on Settings Status Reporting
RS232 Remote Command Formats GPIB Remote Command Formats
Remote Commands Frequency and Period Amplitude and DC Offset
Waveform Selection and Definition Waveform Sequence Control
Arbitrary Waveform Editing Mode Commands Input/Output
control Status Commands Miscellaneous Commands Remote
Command Summary Appendix 1. Warning and Error Messages
Appendix 2. SYNC OUT Automatic Settings Appendix 3. Factory
System Defaults

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