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Wavetek 8500 Series Level Generator
Model 8500 Series
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Level Generator
Description Microwave Peak Power Meter
                                    • Single or Repetitive Pulse and CW Measurements from 30 MHz
to 40 GHz
• Accurately Reads Pulses to 15 Nanoseconds
• Graphics Mode for Plot of Pulse and Reading Point
• Automatic Detector Calibration

Series 8500 RF Peak Power Meter brings you an unexcelled
combination of speed, accuracy, reliability and operator
convenience. The versatile Series 8500 sets a new standard
for the industry with its ability to accurately read pulses
as narrow as 15ns, its exceptionally accurate CW performance
and menu driven control, and a newly designed, completely
automatic detector calibration system (patent pending).
Series 8500 provides detailed information on both single and
repetitive pulses as narrow as 15 ns, regardless of the
shape of the pulse and anywhere within the 30 MHz to 40 GHz
frequency range.
By adjusting the delay, either automatically or manually,
peak amplitude can be sampled and measured. If the delay is
stepped through a series of small increments, data can be
recorded over the entire pulse interval. A plot of this data
provides a clear representation of the RF power over the
entire pulse. The delay has sufficient range to also permit
sampling of individual pulses in a train of pulses.
Series 8500 combines pulse measurement capability with the
ability to make accurate CW readings over a 60 dB dynamic
range (- 40 to +20 dBm), with calibration readily traceable
to National Calibration Standards Laboratories. Due to the
large signal capacity and superior detection sensitivity, a
single balanced detector reads both pulse and CW power over
the full dynmaic range of the instrument. It is no longer
necessary to use two different instruments to accurately
measure pulse and CW power.

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Wavetek -- 8500 Series -- Datasheet
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