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Wavetek 3510B Generator
Model 3510B
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description t to 1040 MHz Signal Generator
                                    • 1 MHz to 1040 MHz Frequency Range
• GPIB Programmability
• 32 Complete Front-Panel Stored Settings
• Nonvolatile Memory
• Programmable Internal Modulation Source
• 50 Watt Reverse Power Protection

Model 3510B, a microprocessor- controlled Signal Generator,
covers the frequency spectrum of 1 to 1040 MHz Standard
features nclude a programmable internal audio source for AM
and FM modulation, a nonvolatile memory and full GPIB
+ 13 dBm Output;
0.001 % Frequency Accuracy
RF output power range is +13dBm to - 137 dBm with flatness
to ± 1 dB ( + 13 to -6,9 dBm). Frequency resolution is 100
Hz and accuracy is 0.001 % (typically 0.0002%). The standard
stability of
0 2 ppm/hr may bp improved by using the optional External
Reference input, the optional Internal/
External Reference and/or the optional High Stability
Internal Reference.
Modulation Flexibility
The interna! modulation signal can bcatanylOHzincrement
between 80 Hz and 10 kHz. This internal source may be
combined with an external source to create complex or
simultaneous modulation such as AMonFM.FMonFMor AM on AM.
Simple Operation
Manual control is via a 48-key touch pad front panel. A
“beeper” indicates a button has been pressed. All settings
are displayed. Output levels are conveniently read out in dBm or
volts. Up to 32 complete front-pane settings may be stored
in a nonvolatile memory and recalled to the front panel on
A unique cursor system has selectable increment sizes. A
reference mode allows frequency or level references to be
set; subseauent display values are relative to the reference
All functions are GPIB programmable except power on/off.
Programming is “free format." and multiple function changes
can Pe executed simultaneously. Frequency switching and
settling time over the bus is typically 75 ms.

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Wavetek -- 3510B -- Datasheet
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