Equipment information

Wavetek 178 Generator
Model 178
Category Measurement instruments
Group Generator
Description Programmable Waveform Synthesizer
                                    • 1 μΗz to 50 MHz Frequency Range
• Synthesized 8 Digit Accuracy
• Trigger, Gate, Burst, Lin/Log Sweep
• 20 Volts Peak-to-Peak Output into 50Ω
• Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramps, and DC
• Optional MATE Interface

High Performance Generator
Model 178 Waveform Synthesizer, a bench top or ATE
programmable instrument, combines the precision of an 8
digit, 50 MHz synthesizer with the versatility of a function
and sweep generator. In addition to sine and square wave to
50 MHz, Model 178 includes the useful triangle, ramps and
I nnovative design gives synthesized triggering, gating,
frequency sweep, burst counts and combinations of these
modes for application flexibility. The output drives your
50Ω load to a full 20 volts peak-to-peak. The microprocessor
design lets you program the level in convenient terms of
Vrms, Vp-p or dBm.
Careful software design has resulted in a flexible, easy to
program format. You may implement a change of only one
instruction or completely change all settings in a few
Additional features include amplitude and phase modulation,
stored settings, variable waveform phase and programmable
frequency markers.
Main Generator
Fifty megahertz synthesized performance to 8 digit
resolution places your output precisely where you want
it—and with a spectrally pure and accurate signal. Stimulus
diversity includes the function generator waveforms of sine
and square waves (less than 8 ns rise/fall) to 50 MHz,
triangles to 500 kHz and ramps to 20 kHz. Useful haverwaves,
based on sine or triangle waveforms, extend precision
performance to include low frequency medical and mechanical
Sweep Generator
Choose from linear or true log frequency sweeps, up or down
and at virtually any sweep times. The sweeper may be
operated by itself or combined with the main generator to
provide continuous, triggered, gated, hold at start or stop,
and even burst counted sweeps. Ten preset markers, available
one at a time, flag critical sweep frequencies and provide
start or stop triggers. Sweep is synthesized at all
frequencies and remains phase continuous even if the sweep
is interrupted with a hold and later resumed.

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