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Toshiba Satellite M30 Series Notebook
Model Satellite M30 Series
Date 2003
Category: Computer equipment
Group Notebook
Description Portable Personal Computer

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Manual Type User Manual Toshiba-6131-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 209
Size 3.41 Mbytes (3580451 Bytes)
Language english
Revision First Edition
Date September 2003
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date
MD5 50202823d8d93d13b20deb2081abee80
Downloads 158 since 11 June 2014
This manual tells how to set up and begin using your
Satellite M30 Series
computer. It also provides detailed information on
configuring your
computer, basic operations and care, using optional devices and

This manual is composed of nine chapters, eight appendixes,
a glossary
and an index.
Chapter 1, Introduction, is an overview of the computer’s
capabilities, and options.
Chapter 2, The Grand Tour, identifies the components of the
and briefly explains how they function.
Chapter 3, Getting Started, provides a quick overview of how
to begin
operating your computer and gives tips on safety and
designing your
work area.
Chapter 4, Operating Basics, includes instructions on using
the following
devices: Touch pad, USB diskette drive, optical media
drives, audio/video
controls, microphone, internal modem, Wireless LAN and LAN.
It also
provides tips on care of the computer, diskettes and CD/DVDs.
Chapter 5, The Keyboard, describes special keyboard
functions including
the keypad overlay and hot keys.
Chapter 6, Power, gives details on the computer’s power
resources and
battery save modes. It also tells how to set passwords.
Chapter 7, HW Setup, explains how to configure the computer
using the
HW Setup program.
Chapter 8, Optional Devices, describes the optional hardware
Chapter 9, Troubleshooting, suggests courses of action if
the computer
doesn’t seem to be working properly.
The Appendixes provide technical information about your
The Glossary defines general computer terminology and
includes a list of
acronyms used in the text.
The Index quickly directs you to the information contained
in this manual.

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