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Tektronix 422 Oscilloscope
Model 422
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Oscilloscope
                                    The Tektronix Type 422 Oscilloscope is a transistorized
portable oscilloscope designed to operate in a wide range of
environmental conditions. The light weight and small size of
the Type 422 allow it to be easily transported, while
providing the performance necessary for accurate
measurements. The dual-channel, DC to 15 MHz vertical system
provides calibrated deflection factors from 0.01 to 20
volts/division (0.001 volts/division minimum, Channel 2 only
with reduced frequency response). The trigger circuits
provide stable· triggering over the full range of vertical
frequency response. The horizontal circuits provide a
maximum sweep rote of
0.5 microseconds/division (0.05 microseconds/division using
X10 magnifier).
A detachable power supply section allows the instrument to
be powered from a variety of power sources. With the Type
422 AC Power Supply (016-0072-00) the instrument can be
operated from an AC power source. The Type 42? AC- DC Power
Supply (016-0073-00) provides operation from either AC or DC
power sources or internal batteries. Information in this
manual applies to the Type 422 Indicator only.
For information on the power supplies, refer to the
applicable instruction manual.

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Section 1 Characteristics
Section 2 Operating Instructions
Section 3 Circuit Description
Section 4 Maintenance
Section 5 Performance Check
Section 6 Calibration
Abbreviations and Symbols Parts Ordering Information
Section 7 Electrical Parts List
Mechanical Parts List Information
Section B Section 9
Mechanical Parts List.
Mechanical Parts List Illustrations
Section 10

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