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Minolta XD-11 Camera
Model XD-11
Category: Home electronics
Group Camera
Description 35mm electronically controlled SLR Camera
                                    Type: 35mm electronically controlled SLR with choice between
aperture- preferred or shutter-speed preferred operation.
Electromagnetic release. Full range of manually calibrated
shutter speeds as well as automatic exposure control.
Meter: LED readout displays shutter speed or f/stop which
the camera will automatically program. Silicon photodiode,
full-aperture metering. Film-speed range — ASA 12 to ASA 3200.
Battery: Two 1.5V silver-oxide batteries S-76, G-13, MS-76,
or RS-76. Negative ground. Battery compartment at bottom of
camera. Behavior without batteries — shutter will not
release except at mechanical speeds.
Shutter: Seiko MFC vertically traveling metal focal-plane
shutter. Electronic shutter-speed control at auto and manual
settings with two mechanically controlled settings — bulb
and 1/100 second. Travel time — 6.0 to 6.9ms measured across
a 20mm distance. Mechanical self-timer.
Lens: Accepts all Minolta MD lenses. Flange-focal distance
43.7mm (+0.02 — 0) measured from lens-mounting ring to
pressure-plate rails.
Typical current draw with 3V supplied to battery
compartment: Meter — 8.5ma, Shutter open — 17ma.
Circuit: Components are mounted on a flexible circuit board.
You can replace individual components or the complete
assembly. Three ICs. Memory switch is at
top of camera, metering switch and release switch are at
back of front-plate assembly (controlled by release button),
power switch is part of mirror-release combination magnet.
Two combination magnets, one to release mirror and one to
control diaphragm closure. Electromagnet for shutter-speed
control, trigger switch, and X-sync contacts are shutter parts.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Minolta XD-11 Repair Guide

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