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Denon DCD-820 CD player
Model DCD-820
Category: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Group CD player
Description Stereo CD Player
                                    The DCD-820 Compact Disc Player incorporates DENON's Super
Linear Converter which prevents deterioration of sound
quality in PCM playback systems. This assures accurate
reproduction of the digital signals recorded on compact
discs no matter whether they are pure studio recordings or
"live" performance recordings. All parts making up this CD
player have selected with the greatest care in order to
produce high quality realistic playback of the full musical
content on compact discs.

(1)	Double Super Linear Converter

The use of Denon's unique system and D/A converters with
excellent resolution to prevent zero cross distortion, the
main cause of reduced sound quality in the PCM playback
system, make for sound field reproduction with rich musical

(2)	High Performance Digital Filter

The DCD-820 uses independent D/A converters for the left and
right channels and an 8x oversampling high precision digital
filter to bring out the best of the analog filter and offer
clear, crisp sound.

(3)	Digital Output

The data on the compact disc is output in digital format, so
the music can be reproduced on an external digital processor
or D/A unit.

(4)	Simple Playback of 8cm CD Singles

8cm CD singles can be played without using an adaptor.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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