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Mercury Electronics Corp. 1400 Test Set
Mercury Electronics Corp.
Model 1400
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Test Set
Description In-Circuit Capacitor Tester
                                    The Model 1400 is a valuable service aid for in-circuit
testing of all types of capacitors, from the smallest
ceramic types to large electrolytics. The 1400 will check
for open or shorted capacitors without the necessity of
removing them from the circuit. Capacity values are measured
in-circuit on all popular electrolytic capacitors.

An important feature of the electrolytic test, not found in
other instruments sold even at much higher prices, is the
low test voltage that protects the low-voltage electrolytics
used in transistor radios. Many of these small electrolytic
filters are rated as low as 3 working volts D.C. The Model
1400 tests these and all others with perfect accuracy with
no chance of damage.

Shorts Test — Effective in-circuit with shunt resistance as
low as 6 ohms.

Open Test — Effective on all capacitors in-circuit down to
capacitors as small as 7 mmfd.

Electrolytic Test — Values of electrolytic capacity found
in-circuit over the range of 2 Mfd. to 450 Mfd,

Indicator — EM84 ultra-modern bar indicator tube. Simple
instructions printed right on the instrument panel for
accurate interpretation of all test results.

Power Supply — Line isolated with special low voltage for
electrolytic test.

Case — Smart modern styling in Mercury’s exclusive metal
case design. Compartment for coaxial cable and cheater line
cord ensures convenient, safe storage.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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