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Sencore S310 Analyzer
Model S310
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Analyzer
Description Digital Video Analyser
                                    Tests composite and component serial or parallel
digital video signals in both 525 and 625 line standards
Direct readout LCD display and analog outputs
provide detailed analysis of all key signal parameters,
including: clock jitter, DC bias, TRS errors, reserve
code errors, presence of non-recommended luminance
or chroma levels, and much more
Contains user selectable alarm thresholds that can
provide instant warning of out-of-limit signal parameters
All tests are performed to international standards
with easy to read pass or fail indicators
located on the front panel
A comprehensive CCIR 601 pattern generator,
Genlockable, with 34 different test patterns,
two serial outputs, one parallel output,
and our exclusive signal error introduction
Optional software interface provides for
remote control of the unit, automated testing,
and exclusive data error logging capabilities

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Sencore -- S310 -- Datasheet
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