Equipment information:

Sencore LC102 Analyzer
Model: LC102
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Auto-Z Capacitor Inductor Analyzer
                                    Capacitor and inductor usage is extensive, encompassing
all facets of industrial and consumer electronics.
Very few circuits lack either of these components. As
the transistor gave way to the IC, and the IC gave way
to the LSIC, so capacitor and inductor usage continues
to increase rapidly since neither of these components
can be physically incorporated into ICs on a broad basis.
Though they have changed some in physical size,
capacitors still perform the same basic functions. But
in today’s circuits, more than ever before, the tolerances
and parameters of capacitors and inductors are critical
to proper circuit operation.
Capacitor value arid tight tolerance is just one important
parameter. In today’s high performance circuits,
leakage, dielectric absorption, and ESR are necessary
indicators of a capacitor’s ability to perform properly
in circuit. Inductors too, require tight tolerances and
quality checks. Unless all of these parameters can be
thoroughly analyzed, troubleshooting becomes a guessing
The Sencore LC102 AUTO-Z takes the guesswork out
of capacitor and inductor testing. It provides automatic
tests of capacitor value, leakage, ESR, and a patented
dielectric absorption test. Inductors are automatically
analyzed for value and quality with patented tests. The
LC102 is a complete, automatic, microprocessor-controlled
capacitor and inductor analyzer. Its features
make it ideally suited for both single, component
analyzing in service or maintenance work or for large
volume, batch testing in a lab or incoming inspection.
The Sencore LC102 AUTO-Z is a dynamic, portable,
automatic capacitor and inductor tester. It is designed
to quickly identify defective components by simply connecting
the capacitor or inductor to the test leads and
pushing a test button. The test result is readily displayed
on an LCD readout in common terms. All
capacitor and inductor test results may also be displayed
as GOOD/BAD compared to standards adopted
by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). User
defined limits may also be programmed into the LC102
for the GOOD/BAD comparison.
In addition to testing capacitors for value up to 20
Farads, the LC102 checks capacitors for leakage at
their rated working voltage, up to 1000 volts. ESR is
checked with a patented test, and an automatic,
patented test checks capacitor dielectric absorption. A
patented inductance value test provides a fast, accurate
test of true inductance. A patented ringing test checks
coils, deflection yoke, switching power supply transformers,
and other non-iron core inductors with a fast,
reliable GOOD/BAD quality test.
Automatic lead zeroing balances out test lead capacitance,
resistance, and inductance for accurate readings
on small capacitors and inductors. The LC102 is protected
from external voltages applied to the test leads
by a fuse in the TEST LEAD JACK and a special stop
testing circuitry which locks out all test buttons when
voltage is sensed on the test leads.
Battery operation makes the LC102 completely portable
for on-location troubleshooting in all types of servicing
from industrial equipment to avionics to cable fault
locating. An optional SCR250 SCR & TRIAC TEST
ACCESSORY extends the LC102 test capabilities to
provide a fast, accurate test of these components. The
LC102 may be interfaced into any computer interface
system for fully automatic, computer controlled testing
in a laboratory or incoming inspection area.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Sencore -- LC102 -- Service and User Manual
File name: Sencore-5914-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type: Service and User Manual
Pages: 112
Size: 58.67 Mbytes (61523231 Bytes)
Language: english
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
MD5: 8aa56f3a0af98e4b936205e27772b629
ed2kID: d7d430fa7a1ec89b5c8534e63b4237b0
Downloads: 679 since 04 May 2014
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Sencore -- LC102 -- User Manual
File name: Sencore-5921-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type: User Manual
Pages: 69
Size: 6.71 Mbytes (7031286 Bytes)
Language: english
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
MD5: 85e732c179ae213fa2925a96d4c304e6
ed2kID: 278e04f77f0592ecdfb693113db76879
Downloads: 318 since 04 May 2014
Operation, Application- and Maintenance Manual
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Sencore -- LC102 --
File name: Sencore-5922-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type:
Pages: 2
Size: 163.75 Kbytes (167685 Bytes)
Language: english
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
MD5: 91865449aa1f128e89a7531dc0c07c6d
ed2kID: 16c8dd97db42cc9051e05d50a49beb0e
Downloads: 246 since 04 May 2014
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