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Ameco American Electronics Corp. CB-6 Converter
Ameco American Electronics Corp.
Model CB-6
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Converter
Description 6 Meter Converter
                                    The Ameco 6-meter Converter, Model CB-6, is a
crystal-controlled, broadband Converter. When
;ed in conjunction with a receiver, it will provide
reception of the 6-meter amateur band- 50 Me. to 54 Me.
The converter uses a 6ES8 cascode r - f amplifier and a 6U8A
The circuitry used, together with considerable internal
shielding and by-passing, provide high sensitivity
to the desired signals and .jnaximum rejection of spurious,
undesired signals. A novel feature of this
unit is that the output frequency may be changed by simply
changing the crystal and the tap on the output coil.
This feature prevents the converter from becoming obsolete
when the receiver is changed to a different type*

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Ameco American Electronics Corp. -- CB-6 -- Service and User Manual
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