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ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations ALPHA 86 Amplifier
ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations
Model ALPHA 86
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Amplifier
                                    The ALPHA 86 is a self-contained, HF linear power amplifier
capable of continuous operation at a
power output of 1500 watts PEP, keyed CW, SSTV, RTTY, or AM,
with no time limit (rated for continuous
commercial service, "CCS"). Units delivered within the USA
and its territories and possessions are manually
tunable over the frequency range of 1.8 to 22 MHz. They may
be user-modified to extend coverage to 29.7
MHz. Units delivered elsewhere cover 1.8 through 30 MHz.
Performance is optimized for amateur bands.
The ALPHA 86 is capable of high-speed, full break-in CW
(QSK) when used with a suitably-designed
transceiver. Note: the term "transceiver" includes suitable
transmitter-receiver combinations, such as the
Collins S-Line and Drake R4C-T4XC, etc. The ALPHA 86 is
fully compatible with CW, AMTOR, or PACKET

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Manual Type Service and User Manual Alpha-5845-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 36
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Language english
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GENERAL Service Assistance 1
Initial Inspection 1
10 and 12 Meter Operation 1
SECTION 1 Introduction 2
General Description 2
Specifications 2
SECTION 2 Preparation for Operation 3
Transformer Installation 3
Shipping Hardware Removal 3
120 Volt Modification 4
Transformer Installation - Pictorial 5
SECTION 3 Transceiver Connection 6
Transceiver Connection - Pictorial 7
SECTION 4 Operation 8
Control Functions 8
Switches 8
Metering 8
Tune-Up Procedure 8
High and Low Power Tune-Up 10
Reflected Power Protection 11
ALC 11
Initial Control Settings - Table 1 12
SECTION 5 Operating Notes 13
Panel Lamp Replacement 14
SECTION 6 Troubleshooting Tips 15
Receive Fuse Replacement 17
SECTION 7 Theory of Operation 18
SECTION 8 Schematics 23

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