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Megger BM7-250 Analog multimeter
Model BM7-250
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Analog multimeter
Description Ohm Tester
                                    This instrument is designed to be suitable for use by
electrical installation contractors and as such is a robust
meter having a stabilized power supply, thus requiring no
zero adjustment, etc. after initial calibration by the
Manufacturer. However, it is inevitable that normal wear and
tear will eventually cause the performance of the instrument
to deteriorate.

BM7 Battery MEGGER testers use an electronically generated
test voltage, which is energised only while TEST button is
pressed. One hand operation. Automatic discharge of circuit
capacitance. On-load battery check. Taut-band, moving coil

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Megger -- BM7-250 -- Service Manual
File name Megger-5763-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type Service Manual
Pages 26
Size 1.87 Mbytes (1959748 Bytes)
Language english
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 bfe66bd6af156c74bd88dfc51ed8b951
Downloads 300 since 22 April 2014
-	London Instrument Repair Centre
1.	Introduction
2.	Repair requirements
3.	Fault location
4.	Fault diagnosis and repair
5.	Preliminary re-assembly
6.	Re-calibration
7.	Final re-assembly
8.	Circuits and Components

This manual covers both BM7 models. Their comparative
specifications are given for identification purposes.

This manual has been produced as an aid to the trained
Technician who undertakes the servicing of these
instruments. The design of the instrument is such that a
minimum of equipment is required and components are easily

If the customer has not advised that the repair may be
undertaken irrespective of your charges, we strongly
recommend that the instrument should be examined and an
estimate submitted before any work is undertaken. This
procedure, and the acceptance of the estimate, will provide
a safeguard against disputes arising over a charge for the
work after the necessary repairs have been completed.
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