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Keithley 7057A Interface
Model 7057A
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Interface
Description Thermocouple Scanner Card
                                    These cards permit monitoring of up to nine thermocouples
or other transducers. The nine signal
channels use a guarded 2-pole configuration. An
isothermal block provides electrical isolation up to
42V while assuring excellent thermal conductivity
between cold junction terminations. A sensing
device mounted in the isothermal block monitors
the cold junction and outputs a calibrated reference
voltage that is linearly related to the temperature.
The Model 7057A provides a higher change
in reference output for improved cold junction
sensitivity. Formulae for converting the voltage
outputs of all of the most popular thermocouple
types are included in the manual. The contact
potential of <1μV per channel translates to
<0.025°C error for precision measurements on
type K thermocouples.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Keithley -- 7057A -- Datasheet
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