Equipment information

Keithley 706 Interface
Model 706
Date 1991
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Interface
Description Scanner
                                    The Model 706 is an IEEE-488 bus compatible scanner that can
accommodate ten plug-in scanner cards. With ten scanner
cards installed up to 100 2-pole channels can be on the same
IEEE address. Using four additional Model 706s in a daisy
chain configuration up to 500 2-pole channels can be on the
same IEEE address. The Model 706 scanner adheres to standard
IEEE-488 interface bus protocol. This enables the Model 706
to be incorporated into any measurement that uses programmed
control through the IEEE-488 bus.

The front panel controls are clearly marked and easy to use.
These controls serve several functions such as opening a
selected channel, closing the channel, scanning between a
selectable first and last channel, selecting scan rate and
mode. There are 15 internal programs that are accessible
from the front panel. The programs can select primary
address, settling time, store a relay set up, recall the
stored relay set up, control the digital I/O port, switch
from International to American date format, start or stop a
scan sequence, select 1, 2 or 4-pole measurement modes and
program the Model 706 as a master, slave or stand alone
instrument in a daisy chain configuration. The Model 706 may
also be operated in a matrix configuration.

The time and date are kept internally with a battery backed
up clock allowing time dependent procedures to be performed.


The Model 706 scanner includes the following features:

•Up to 100 2-pole channels.

•IEEE-488 bus operation.

•Selectable scan rate of 10msec to 999.999sec.

•Selectable scan modes that enable the user to scan the
first channel to the last channel once, continuously or
manually. •Fifteen internal programs that are accessible
from the front panel.

•Model 706 mainframe can accommodate 10 scanner plug-in cards.

•Several different plug-in scanner cards are available as
options. They include: a general purpose relay card, a
thermocouple card, low voltage card, low current card, high
current card, high voltage card, matrix card and universal
interface card.

•Time and date are kept with a battery backed up clock.
•Digital I/O port with eight lines as inputs and eight lines
as outputs.

•External trigger input that accepts a greater than 2/tsec
negative going TTL compatible pulse for triggering the Model
706 into a scan sequence.

•Channel ready output that outputs a greater than 10/isec
negative going TTL compatible pulse upon the completion
of the programmed channel settling time.

•Alarm output that outputs a negative going TTL level
greater than 10/tsec pulse when the programmed time is reached.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages 104
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Manual-ID/Number 706-901-01
Date April 1991
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